mask melt blown filter fabric machine
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XPM company focused on the plastic machinery over 20 years with professional experience . we supply the quality mask PP melt blown filter fabric production line machine , supply the turn-key service .

Main technical parameters

1.Equipment model: 200-10P or 130-16P cotton towel pumping machine

2. Basis weight: 35-80g / sqm, soft non-woven fabric 35-80 g / sqm, market ordinary cotton non-woven fabric 35-80 g / sqm, viscose non-woven fabric 40-80g /sqm

3. Original cloth width: 2120mm (roller surface: 2160mm) Actual speed: 600-900 pumping / minute / row (line speed 60-80 m / minute)the inner

4. diameter of the original cloth core: Φ76mm

5. Elongation of the original cloth: 5% -25%

mask PP melt blown fabric production line
mask PP melt blown fabric production line

6. The original cloth is directly loaded on the machine, equipped with 2 cloth return racks (chain drive rear rack), and 3 feeding shafts.

7. The cloth edge is equipped with a cutting device: the cloth edge is cut before the cloth enters the folding unit.

8. The cloth strip is vacuum-adsorbed on the cloth cutting roller, and the cloth is cut quantitatively (200mm / 130mm) according to the machinery of the cloth cutting roller, with a cutting accuracy of ± 1mm.

Mask PP melt blown filter fabric machine
Mask PP melt blown filter fabric machine

9. Electrical configuration and control form: Siemens PLC programming controller control, Siemens inverter speed control, Siemens touch screen Operation interface, bearing brand is SKF (main power), spin Naide low voltage switch, contactor, Omron or SICK electric eye, Yadeke or SMC cylinder, with automatic counting function, the number (1-999 pumping) can be arbitrarily set.

10. Rear cloth: pneumatic cloth

11. Counting: The number of sheets of each cloth is set on the man-machine interface. The dots are separated and the misalignment is counted. The counting accuracy is 100% accurate.

12. Correction system: motor adjustment

13. Fabric break detection: with electric eye cloth break detection system (on ejection)

14. cloth introduction method: manual

PP melt blown filter fabric machine
PP melt blown filter fabric machine

15. Overall power: 37.5KW

16. Minimum air pressure requirement: 6Mpa

17. Original cloth shaft: chrome-plated surface, with cloth sleeve clamping device. 23. Fine-tuning device for the back of the cloth rack: 150mm.

18 .Folding roller surface treatment: Fine grinding after hard chrome plating, accuracy reaches G1, and dynamic balance processing to ensure smooth operation at high speed; adjustable clearance of folding rollers; high-precision special structure air suction ring.

19. Folding roller bearing lubrication: manual oiling function.

20. One folding roller is used for each of the front and back, each of which is equipped with three whole fixed blades.

21. Tension adjustment between folding roller and traction roller: using tapered belt pulley device.

22. Traction roller gap: Use adjustable cylinder.

23. Transmission: timing belt, gear transmission

24. Machine structure: wall plate and other welding frame structure.

25. Protection: Folding parts are protected with machine glass protective doors, the rest of the rotating parts are equipped with protective covers, and the equipment is safe Door switch. When the safety door is opened during operation, it will stop immediately to ensure operation safety.

26. Outlet board: SUS304 stainless steel sheet bearing is used for rolling to make an inclined angle.

27. Equipped with Taiwan Longtie fan 200 type 30KW (standard with 2 mufflers).

mask PP melt blown fabric extrusion line
mask PP melt blown fabric extrusion line
mask PP melt blown non woven fabric extruder
mask PP melt blown non woven fabric extruder

mask filter PP melt blown fabric machine video

PP melt blown filter fabric machine production video:

Mask filter of PP melt blown fabric making machine running video :

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