steel pipe coating PE PP machine
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Xinda precision machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of the steel pipe coating extrusion line ,we have focused on plastic machinery over 20 years with rich experience and strong technology , our machinery has exported to over 20 countries , such as Iran , Vietnam , UAE , Africa , Germany , America , etc. according to the customers’ feedback and market demands , we continue to perfect the design and quality , we promise you the top quality and the turn-key service including installation , testing run and training workers in your local factory . we are your trustworthy partner ! we believe that our cooperation will benefit both of us .

in the petrochemical industry , water transport channel , transporting oil & gas , medical industry etc , due to the transporting pipe corrosion problem cause big economic loss every year, in order to avoid the problem , the steel pipe coating plastic machinery come out at market demands . Xinda precision machinery Co., Ltd. adopt the advantage technology supply the quality steel pipe coating plastic machine , it can coat PE PPR ABS PSP plastic on the outside of the steel pipe , it produce various plastic-steel composite pipe has the high-strength steel pipe & both corrosion resistance character.

the plastic-steel composite pipe outside / inside surface coat with different plastic , like the PE PPR ABS PSP etc , the middle layer is the steel pipe , it make the plastic-steel composite pipe has advanced character of compression resistance , corrosion resistance , small flow resistance and long service life and non-toxic , it’s wide use in the gas & liquid transporting industry .

the plastic-steel composite pipe production process :

steel pipe pretreatment (acid washing / shot blasting) , then via the extrusion line to melt the plastic to coat on the steel surface , then cooling the coating layer via water tank for calibration . then via the hauling off machine to the cutter . it will cut them in the set length automatically .

steel pipe coating PE PP extrusion line

steel pipe coating machine

steel pipe coating machine

iron pipe cladding PVC machine test running video

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